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New Years Eve Spectacular with Lumberyard

Monday, December 31, 2018, 09:00pm

LUMBERYARD is a "good-time, foot stompin' classic rock. funk. soul. techno dance band." Inspired by the great San Francisco 90s cover band "Curveball" although we don't do a lot of funk or have 12 horns and three back up singers. We do have a rotating cast of musicians though with one constant, the inimitable Dan DeShara. (He owns the PA and lights, so natch!) The name came courtesy of Jeff Slingerland as we were trying to think of rarely used words that everybody already knows. The word LUMBERYARD seemed to be earthy yet not dirty, obtuse yet still intelligent, appealing without being repulsive and lastly; visually stimulating. Men think of building workshops and women think of knotty pine. Somehow it works...

A few tickets to this event are left.  Get yours at the Brewery.



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